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The Sean Ashley House Day Habilitation Program provides an array of individualized training based on each person's needs. We serve any one with a diagnosis of mental retardation; however, our main focus is on autism and disorders under the autism spectrum. Our staff is trained to deal with behaviors of all sorts.
The Sean Ashley House Day Habilitation Program is different than any other. Because we are a small  organization, we able to provide more hands on training. There is a room designed  for sensory integration and relaxation; another room is filled with exercise equipment. A kitchen, a music room, and an activity room round out our facility's provision for skill building. 
Life Skills are an important component of our Day Habilitation Program. We also work on each individual's strengths. Through fine motor skills training, art, and music therapy, they are given an opportunity to develop their special talents. 
Socialization into the community is another important facet of  our program. Community outings are schedule at least once a week.  
At our pool everyone is encouraged to participate in swimming parties, enjoy grilling outside, and socialize with others.
Therapeutic horseback riding is one of our regular activities. All  participants of the Day Habilitation Program are included in riding sessions at the Sam Houston Equestrian Center. The trained staff there allow them to not only learn, but also have fun. Therapeutic horse back riding exercises every muscle in the body. It promotes self-confidence, increases balance, and strengthens muscles. In addition, it provides a sense of control to master the horse. This activity also offers the experience of "sheer pleasure" which gives us much pride to see big smiles. We see progress every week in each individual. They look forward to the next week when they can go back
Anyone who needs our services is welcome to tour our facility. Please call and make an appointment. 
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